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Good Grub

The greatest (there are many) thing about Rosa’s is the endless combination of meal options. According to the University of Oxford, there are sum 3,365,879 unique meals at Rosa’s. It is our job/duty to sample ALL of them, and come up with our own. For this reason, this post is set up to record your favourites. Post a comment with your best meal combo’s!! Sorry no prizes for the best ones, but the winner does get a full belly!!

Courtesy to Mitch Goodwin, for allowing us to capture this marvellous creation - Good Work!!

Now thats what I call food

4 Responses to “Good Grub”

  1. Leon Says:

    I had the Lamb chop. Very nice. Tried to be healthy by having peas and carrots, but who was I kidding?

  2. Joseph Says:

    That’s the problem with you youngsters … always experimenting. Sausage, egg, chips and peas with a slice of toast and washed down with a cup of glorious Rosa’s tea … now that’s living (if only for a short time!).

    But have to say that Mitch’s order of mushrooms is inspirational.

  3. SteveP Says:

    A Rosa’s meal is not a Rosa’s meal unless its served on the platter plate ;-)

  4. Leon Says:

    To be a truly ‘propa’ Rosa’s meal, there must be so much food crammed on the plate, that some spills over the edge, in the case of ‘bean juice’!!

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